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Why invest in search engine optimisation (SEO)

In a world where basically everything takes place online, SEO is not just an add-on to your marketing, but a necessity. SEO affects almost every aspect of your business efforts – from increasing your online traffic and visibility to building your brand and generating quality inquiries from potential customers.

Here are just a few reasons why SEO implementation in your business is one of the best decisions you can make.

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96% of Americans shop online and admit that search engines strongly influence their purchase decisions.

Website traffic

95% of all website visits arise from organic searches.


On average, SEO increases brand recognition by 70%.

Potential customers

57% of B2B marketers confirm that SEO has a big impact on inquiry generation from potential customers.


SEO is much more effective and cost-efficient than traditional marketing.


50% of internet users who have already seen your company in their search results will click your link

Our strategy

We are committed to transparency and efficiency. For this reason, we are looking forward to closely working with you throughout the process and making you fully aware of what takes place in each stage of your website optimisation.

Different clients have different needs, aims and motivations. Accordingly, we design the optimum search marketing activities based on the unique goals of your company.

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Step 1: Preliminary analysis

When starting a SEO campaign, we delve deep into your business, website and industry as well as the competition in your niche. This enables us to make a rough estimate of how much time and work it will take for your website to top those Google search results.

Step 2: Comprehensive keyword research and content optimisation

Once we get an idea of your current website and rankings, we will conduct a keyword research to find the best search terms for your business. This involves finding the keywords that your competition ranks highest in search engines, a search for new keyword opportunities, and carrying out in-depth filtering and analysis. In the end, we will provide you with a list of the most relevant keywords for further website optimisation.

Step 3: In-depth website revision

Sometimes, small technical problems can lead to poor user experience, to stagnant Google ranking or even to the website being sanctioned by Google's algorithmic penalty. Therefore, this phase of our work consists of a 360° revision to identify the weak points of your website (transparency, indexing, redirects, code errors, etc.) and to rectify them before they grow into a SEO problem.

Step 4: User experience enhancement

User experience has a big impact on almost every aspect of your business, including conversions, rankings, bounce rate, brand reputation, etc. It is therefore crucial for your website to meet the high UX standards of Google and your customers. We will take care of its navigation, speed, alignment with the search intents of your users as well as of its landing content and user experience – the things that keep visitors from leaving your website.

Step 5: High-quality link profile building

Reaching the leading position in Google is impossible without setting up high-quality links. For this reason, Spartan Digital takes link building extremely seriously. It is vital to avoid bad practices like black-hat SEO strategies (e.g. purchasing tons of low-quality links, which can disappear within a month or even result in Google’s penalties and thus harm organic rankings in the long run). Consequently, we only obtain links from authoritative and trustworthy websites.

Step 6: Local search optimisation

46% of all Google searches are local, with the number of "near me" searches doubling over the last year. This makes local SEO a great opportunity for small companies that want exposure specifically in their geographical area. To make this happen, we run local search campaigns that include the Google My Business page settings and optimization, work on local SEO factors for your website, and build local backlinks and positive reviews.

Step 7: Planning your content strategy

Shaping the content strategy for your company, we are well aware that there is no one-fits-all solution. We provide you with content recommendations that are custom-made for your specific business goals. They include high-level messages, value promotion and social media integration. To maximize the positive impact on SEO, we also develop a tactical publishing plan for you to follow.

Step 8: Reporting

We strive for results and transparency. For this reason, you will receive a number of detailed yet straightforward reports to see what has improved and how the project is progressing.

Who are we

We are a group of dedicated professionals specializing in various fields of marketing, with almost 12 years of experience. Our agency is a Google Partner, which means that we have been officially certified by Google for our know-how and expertise.

Our team consists of several top-notch experts in SEO, PPC, e-commerce, social media, Google AdWords, website user experience, databases, applications and so much more. Based on the specifics of their respective fields, our experts will create a unique SEO plan tailored to your business needs and goals.

We have already helped more than 200 companies in the placement and growth of their companies on a number of digital marketing channels. We have put thousands of keywords on the first page of Google search results. We have worked with enterprises of all forms and sizes, from leading regional brands to small and medium-sized companies.

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