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It doesn’t seem that long ago, that business was done completely without the Internet. Advertising was done on paper and in newspapers, you called a business for more information, from your landline! And if you wanted to read about something you had to go to the library! Now we expect everything to be instant, we expect to find every business we need to know about via a search on our pocket supercomputers, and if that doesn’t find them, well, they don’t exist!

Jump-start your digital brand with our website development services!

What Do I Need To Know To Get Started?

In this section, we will help get you to think about how your new website will work and what our developers will need from you to get started.

What Is The Objective Of Your Website?


AA company website can perform many functions so first, we need to be clear about what we are trying to achieve. We have listed some of the most common functions, so decide first which ones of these you want to include or if there are any others?

  • Customer information, educate about your product or service
  • Generate sales leads
  • Generate automated online sales (e-commerce)
  • Allow customers to manage their account
  • Provide support to your customers for your product or service
  • Provide access to an online product or service

Who is the website your building actually for?


For this, you need to decide what your target audience looks like, for example, a corporate website will look very different from one that is for children.

Try to create a persona for your ideal customer. List everything you can about the demographic of this ideal fictional person. Some things to think about are the following.

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Marital status
  • Education level
  • Income level
  • Do they have children
  • Employment type
  • Pastimes
  • Product interests
  • Geographic location

This should get you started in the right direction, but there are many other factors to consider that may be unique to your product or service.

Everything Starts With Branding


Next, you need to ensure you have a clear brand profile mapped out.

Make sure you have high-quality logos. Generally, you should have one larger rectangular one that includes the business name. And one logo-only design that will fit into a square or circle. Not too much detail in this, you should be able to clearly identify it even if it is as small as the little logos on the tabs of your browser (they are called favicons) If you don’t already have these, Spartan Agency can help you design them as part of our website development services. Then select a color scheme for your brand, this should be 2-3 colors that work well together. These logos and color schemes should be used across every page of your website and on all your social media channels. This will create a clear and distinctive brand. Get in touch with us today and launch your new digital brand.

Select a domain name the right way


If you don’t already have a domain name, you will most like want to work through this process with Spartan Agency to finalize your domain selection. But there are a few things we will need to know in order for us to perform a search for you.

List some name options that match your company or product name

Try not to make it too long and contrived, if possible, avoid – and _. and avoid special characters % & ! these are used for other functions in web addresses to a not allowed. If possible, use only 1-2 keywords in a domain name, everything else is usually too long or too complicated to remember.

Provide a list so we can quickly explore what options are available. There are now over 360 million domains registered so you should expect most of the good ones to be already in use. You can always try to see if there is a website already at the domain you have in mind.

When selecting the name of your brand you should have already checked to see if anyone else is using it. This is part of a trademark search, which Spartan Agency can perform for you as part of our website development service if you are creating a completely new brand.

What is the domain extension for and what does it mean?

For international businesses, you should try to find one of the original top-level domains with an extension .com (company) or .org if you are a not-for-profit organization. .net is really for network service providers and you will see there are some reserved extensions like .gov that you can’t use as a private business.

f you have a presence in particular countries you should secure a matching domain for the countries that you operate in i.e. .CO.UK for the United Kingdom and .EU for European Union or .CN for China etc.

More recently new gTLDs have been made available that can be more specific to the industry, some examples are - jobs, .travel, .museum, .info, TV, etc. If you are making a personal website, you may like to consider a .ME domain name.

What About Your Website Content?

Now we are ready to get into the main content of the website. You know your business best and you know what you want to say, so it’s best that you provide the bulk of this information in a rough form. Don’t worry about design at this stage, leave that to our developers, just provide Titles for each page, elevator pitches, and blocks of text that you want on each page. Don’t be tempted to copy any blocks of text from another website, all text on your website must be original content or Google may downrate it for plagiarism. It is important to include an about us page that will help to convey your business’s mission and values. It is the place that new visitors go to find out who is behind the brand.



If you have original pictures of your business and more importantly the people in it, that would be much better than using stock images. They will convey authenticity and will give the site a more unique and human look. However, if you don’t, we can provide stock Images that fit your requirements as part of our website development services.



We nearly have everything we need to get started, but finally, you need to think about what your budget is for the whole project. Consider if this will be your primary source of leads or sales and how much you expect it to bring in accordingly. Often simple information and lead generation website are very low cost.

Include as many of the following elements on the website as possible.


  • Testimonials from existing customers
  • Link a review site to the website and ask your customers to give good reviews
  • Link to all your social media accounts, selecting the most relevant to your audience
  • Provide a place for visitors to subscribe to your mailing list
  • Calls to action, the visitor should be in no doubt about what to do next

Who To Turn To When It Comes To Website Development Services?

Above I have only laid out the things that you need to consider when planning a new website for your business. There are many more advanced things that we, as your website development service provider, need to consider.


How long does a website take to build?

The process of designing and deploying a professionally built website could take up to a few months. There are also some faster solutions that Spartan Agency can offer you as part of our website development services, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Should you build a website from scratch?

If you’re going to change the structure significantly or are trying something advanced, coding from scratch makes a lot of sense. In cases where you already have significant web traffic and good SEO ranking results, we suggest you avoid building a new website but just update the existing one. If you’re not sure what to do, ask Spartan Agency for help!

What makes a good website development company?

A top-ranking web development company like Spartan Agency combines innovative web design with advanced technologies and provides great support when creating a website project. Our team of experts are also open to learning new approaches to achieve top-notch performance and leave its customers satisfied. Contact us for one of the best website development services on the web.