LinkedIn Marketing Services

as The Most Efficient B2B Solution

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business professional network with over 750 million professionals as well as the businesses they work for. It has a highly educated and business-focused audience and so makes a great place for B2B and B2C marketing. Its users are focused on networking, building their careers, and sharing ideas. Profiles on LinkedIn are great for prospecting new clients, they are very much like an online CV for its users where they get to boast about their education, past work experience, and professional qualifications. Profiles also often contain the telephone number and email addresses of business owners and decision-makers and the platform give marketers the ability to reach out to them in multiple ways.

It has a timeline just like Facebook that is filled with posts about people and business achievements and topical discussions, so it is easy to find ways to get into conversation with prospective clients and to find out more about what they do and what their pain points and aspirations are. Content posted on LinkedIn is known for having one of the longest lifespans so does not need constant posting. There are many ways to use LinkedIn for brand development, to generate qualified leads and sales. Spartan Agency can design and execute a professional plan with our LinkedIn marketing services. To find out more get in touch today.

What is LinkedIn marketing good for?

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to social network for businesses and professionals. It was bought by Microsoft in 2016 so now has the backing of one of the biggest tech companies on the planet. It is a great place to showcase your business, find business clients and professional consumers, and employees. So, let’s get you started on your LinkedIn journey with our LinkedIn marketing services.

Creating your profile

Whatever you plan to do on LinkedIn you will need a personal profile, so to get started now, sign up and fill in all the profile details. It is important that your profile is as complete as possible with a picture, headline, and education and employment history. Getting this as complete as possible will help to build trust that this is a real profile with a person behind it and credibility by showing what work you do and have done. It is common for LinkedIn users to allow only relevant people into their networks.


Next as part of your LinkedIn marketing services, you need to start building your connections with other users. Your initial target initially should be 501 connections. Anyone with less than 500 connections will be regarded as a beginner and you will find it hard to do any significant networking, but once you pass this point your profile will show 500+ connections even if you have 20,000, so people will start taking you seriously. Connections on LinkedIn work a bit like ‘6 degrees of separation, when you have a 1st level connection with someone, you will then gain access to all their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections. So, it follows that you should connect with as many 500+ users as possible to expand your network quickly. These are regarded as super users that may give you access to tens of thousands of others.

It is recommended that you send 50 connection requests a day while you are in the initial connection-building phase. If you don’t have time to do this, it can be provided as part of Spartan Agency’s LinkedIn marketing services.

When your profile gets enough connections, you can if you wish, switch to ‘creator mode’ where you can show everyone how many connections you have. This is designed for users with large audiences who may quickly hit the connection limit of 30,000 on LinkedIn, you can then have an unlimited number of followers who want to consume the content you are putting out.


You should find and share relevant content daily on LinkedIn, it is recommended that you post at least twice a day from your personal profile. This could be news articles, surveys, resharing other people’s posts, articles you have published on LinkedIn, sharing blogs on your website, images, or infographics, or simply writing something that will generate engagement. As part of our LinkedIn marketing service, we can provide a full design and post-service to keep your account up to date and active.


It is important to use hashtags when posting on LinkedIn because there are enormous groups of users that follow specific industry or topic of interest hashtags, later you can use this to target your audience. You may also want to follow the hashtags frequented by your target audience and then posts that contain that hashtag will appear in your timeline. Hashtag research and design is part of Spartan Agency’s LinkedIn marketing services.

If this already sounds like too much work, then contact Spartan Agency and we can help you design your profile and manage your posting and connections schedule as part of our LinkedIn marketing services.

Creating your business page

On LinkedIn every business needs a business page, this will not only be your place to showcase your business but will also be linked to by your employees in their own profile as their employer. This ties your whole business together and helps others to understand the structure of your business.

So, start by adding a new business page, you can have more than one if you have more businesses, give it a name, and complete the overview, tagline, office locations and add some hashtags relating to your sector that will make it easier to find. 

You will see that your business page needs to send out posts as well and will need to build its own followers, this is harder to do than making personal connections, but it is helped by the fact that you get 100 follow requests free each month that you can send to the people in your network. 

Of course, business page management is part of Spartan Agencies LinkedIn marketing services so if you need us to do this as well, you can contact us here.


A great way to build an audience on LinkedIn is to start a group on a specific topic that you think others would like to join, this can take time to build up a large following but is a very powerful marketing tool if you can do it. Alternatively, join some existing groups to reach new audiences with your posts. But be sure to follow the group rules, they may not allow direct marketing posts, and so you may need to get more creative.

Send marketing messages

Once you have built up your connections, it is possible to send direct marketing outreach messages to other LinkedIn users, to whom you are connected. If you are selling high-value products to a very niche audience, this could work very well but sending high volumes by hand can be rather time-consuming especially as you really need to use the person’s name in every message to make it as personal as possible. Spartan Agency will discuss messaging options with you during the consultation phase of our LinkedIn marketing services.

Paid services

Everything discussed so far is included in your free LinkedIn membership except the time it takes to do some of these sometimes-monotonous tasks. But some of the most powerful features for marketing on LinkedIn are the paid services that will be discussed here. Spartan Agency’s LinkedIn marketing service includes and full review, design, and implementation of all your paid marketing campaigns.

Sales Navigator

If you are prospecting for new clients on LinkedIn, as part of your LinkedIn marketing service, it is recommended that you upgrade your account to a premium account type called sales navigator. This will give you much more refined search capabilities that allow you to filter through thousands of prospects to find ones that perfectly fit your ideal client profile.

If you have multiple sales navigator users you can also link those users so that they gain access to each other’s connection pool, this will further expand the reach of each user, and allow someone new to LinkedIn to get going working in your marketing campaigns before building their own network.

Paid Advertising

You will create your paid advertising campaign in LinkedIn ‘campaign manager’ this is the place where you will design your marketing campaigns and where you can see the analytics that let you understand metrics like impressions, reactions, click through, comments, shares, clicks, engagement, and ROI (return on investment) it is critical that your campaigns are planned and created by a professional who understands the many parameters that need to be configured for a successful outcome. Spartan Agency’s LinkedIn marketing services will help you put together such a plan and put it into action.

How do LinkedIn marketing services actually work?

Although LinkedIn offers a simple PPC (pay per click) model advertising that you will have come across on Google and Facebook, it also offers the ability to pay for a whole host of user interactions with your content that are important to you. This includes PPI (pay per impression) and a whole host of other engagements with your audience such as likes follows, downloads etc.

Target audience

As with other platforms like Facebook, it is possible to target very specific audience attributes, however, LinkedIn is unique in the datasets that it holds about its users due to the large amount of information they provide on their profiles about their work and business life. Compared to Facebook where users provide the platform with a great deal of information about their personal lives LinkedIn will know a lot more about their work and business. The research required to get this part right is included in our LinkedIn Marketing services.

Sponsored content

This kind of advertising on LinkedIn allows you to promote your posts on the timeline to reach much larger audiences and specific demographics. You can create posts specifically for this purpose or promote ones that you have already sent.

Sponsored messaging

This option allows you to push out 2 different types of paid messages, message ads that appear at the top of users’ message lists, and conversion ads that contain buttons to make it easy for your prospects to get back to you with the option to respond with just one click.

Dynamic ads

These are display ads that pop up in various parts of the platform with buttons to drive engagement. They can include conversation ads and carousel ads that change to a selection of images. Each one can be designed with dynamic interactions to make it easy for your audience to respond to your advert.

Text ads

These are simple text-only adds that work on the PPC (pay per click) or PPI (pay per impression) model they are a great way to get started at a low cost where you only pay when you are getting results.

Video ads

As the name suggests these are videos that can be inserted into various parts of the platform and can be paid for with a range of different actions. Video is a good way to tell a slightly longer story, but it should not be too long for the LinkedIn audience. Spartan Agency can also create video content and animations that you can use in our LinkedIn marketing services.

Choose Spartan and spread your LinkedIn business network

This short introduction to how to succeed with your LinkedIn marketing service will give you a basic understanding of the many ways that you can use LinkedIn to market your business and build a powerful network of connections that you can work with in many ways, not just to generate leads and sales but also for business deals within your industry, understanding and connecting with other industries, for recruitment, market research, and many other things.

If you would like to take the first step into this universe of potential, contact Spartan Agency about our LinkedIn marketing services and we will be happy to provide a free review of your current LinkedIn presence or design a new one for you from scratch.


Is LinkedIn good for advertising?

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for business advertising on the web. It is also known as one of the most popular and effective lead generation networks ever created. It is the perfect channel to distribute content and the most effective B2B lead generation platform. You can target your ads, ensuring you reach the best audience for your campaign. If you don’t know where to start, you can contact Spartan Agency and we’ll help you to fine-tune your generation process.

How is LinkedIn used for marketing?

Besides using traditional techniques such as sharing engaging content and driving traffic to relevant sources, LinkedIn offers you fast and precise ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them and turning them into customers. Use our LinkedIn marketing services and increase your brand recognition and sales today!

Is marketing on LinkedIn worth it?

LinkedIn ads can be a great investment if you’re trying to target other businesses as leads LinkedIn ads typically yield high-quality leads and offer larger niche targeting options, making them an ideal solution for most B2-B companies. Choose LinkedIn marketing services at Spartan Agency and make your LinkedIn marketing efforts count.

How does LinkedIn Marketing Solutions work?

Our LinkedIn marketing services allow advertisers to select specific characteristics to help them reach the exact leads they were aiming for. The ads you see on LinkedIn are then targeted to provide content relevant to you.

Do LinkedIn paid ads work?

The answer is yes. LinkedIn’s ads convert B2B leads three times better than some other major ad platforms, and LinkedIn members have double the buying power of a typical user on the web since you’re more or less targeting business users. Contact Spartan Agency today to find out how you can scale your business.