SEM Services

To Boost Your Sales And Website Traffic

SEM or in other words search engine marketing is one of the many marketing tools that involves displaying paid ads that will appear on the search engine results. As part of our professional SEM services, this gives us the option to display our client’s ads alongside other organic results for a specific keyword, with immediate results. These ads are often described as pay-per-click ads, but in practice, the most popular paid ads are usually text-based written advertisements. Although some of our client’s paid advertisements also include graphic or video product-based ads, as they allow potential clients to notice their brand visually, while searching for products, prices, or reviews.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

The exact definition of SEM is a set of various tools, techniques, approaches, and strategies that help the exposure of online visibility of websites and brands through web advertising. Search engine result pages consist of two different types of ranking results, organic results, and paid results.


Organic ranking result

to enable the best possible user experience, the search engine algorithms list the most relevant websites according to user-specific search queries. The algorithms can recognize the relevancy of the content and trustworthiness of the website itself, for every single result they list. The set of tools, which are following specific rules is called SEO and is explained in detail in our search engine optimization section of the website.


Paid ranking results

Compared to organic result rankings, if you want to include your website in the rankings, you will have to pay for each click or impression, depending on the strategy. If you decide to use ads to display your brand, you can do that by using advertising tools such as Google Ads. This type of marketing is also often referred to as PPC – pay per click, or CPC – cost per click.

Choosing SEM Services With The Right Strategy

There are a lot of reasons to choose our SEM services and include them in your arsenal of digital marketing tactics. Here are some of the key benefits of mixing our experience with the right search engine marketing approaches, that could benefit your digital brand in more ways than one:

Traffic increase

Paid ads can bring a lot of additional visitors to your website. Since the main focus of any digital marketing strategy is to attract as many clients as possible with your products or services, that’s exactly what our SEM services are able to do. When implemented correctly, search engine marketing can be very effective in generating the right clicks of your potential clients.

Brand awareness

The voice of your digital brand can now spread throughout the digital sphere of the world. Placing yourself at the top of the most visited ad board in the world for all eyes to see, is an excellent way to spread the word about your brand.

You set the budget

Our SEM services enable our clients to set and adjust their own marketing budgets according to their financial capabilities and wishes. When partnering with the right expert, you don’t need a large budget to start with, especially if you’re a small or a medium size business.

Great conversions

The strategy we implement in our SEM services will generate conversions, meaning you. Google Ads offers many ways to measure conversions and thus ensure that your ads are quite effective.

Send us an email today and we’ll help you choose the right strategy to get the most out of your search engine marketing budget. Choose the SEM services with an unbeatable track record, choose Spartan Agency.