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Recovery Services Save Your Business

You have been working hard to increase the Google rank of your website and over time your traffic has increased and you are getting closer to the first page in searches for the keywords that are most important to you. Then suddenly Google stops sending your traffic and your page has been pushed down the page rank to a point that no one is seeing it.

So What Happened?

Most likely you have been hit by a Google penalty that has undone all of your hard work and knocked your page back to a point that, unless they know your URL, no one is going to find it in a search.


Is There Nothing You Can Do?

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this and recover all of the work you have done on your website. Spartan Agency’s Google penalty recovery services can fix the problem without your having to start over. There are quite a number of reasons why and how this can happen, therefore there is no one simple fix-all solution, the fix needs to be tailored to your specific situation.

So if you want to leave it up to the experts, get in contact with us now and Spartan Agency will guide you through to process to get your website back where it belongs.

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The Rise of Google Search Engine

Google began in 1995, its vision was to help users navigate and to find web pages on the Internet that was rapidly increasing in size. At the time Lycos, Google’s biggest competitor, had managed to index 60 million pages. Fast forward to today and Google is still growing at 10% per year with 90% of desktop searches done via Google, 35% of product searches, and 34% of ‘near me’ searches.

There are now around 2 billion websites on the searchable net and hundreds of billions of pages, but less than 400 million of those websites are active. So Google’s main problem is to identify the active website and serve them up to its search users and push down the old and abandoned web pages that even the owners have probably forgotten about. But it is not just websites that Google is searching, there are around 15 billion videos on Youtube (also owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet) that are included in a Google search and every image that is embedded in all of the websites are included too.

Not only that, today there are 3.8 million searches sent to Google every minute from around the world. So how can Google sort through all of that in the time it takes to complete your search? The short answer is, AI, and the longer

answer is, that it doesn’t! All of those assets are not searched each time you run a search, they are indexed in advance by an AI algorithm that allocates them a rank based on different search criteria. And Google is receiving variations on the same searches over and over again so it already has the lists prepared in advance for each search or set of criteria.

So the SEO (search engine optimization) that you apply to your website will determine the rank that Google’s AI gives to it, and that determines your position in the search results.

But what if Google’s AI gets it wrong? What if your website just got spammed and you don’t even know about it? The solution is Google penalty recovery services like the ones provided by Spartan Agency. Let’s investigate the how and why in more detail.

Why Is Ranking on Google Important for Your Business?

Your potential customers are searching for your service on Google and if you don’t appear on the first 1 or 2 pages, most likely they will never see your website. Fortunately, most searches are now from a mobile device (68%) and so in that case Google knows your location. This helps Google refine your search to relevant businesses nearby. This gives you more chance than competing globally for a search position. Also, 50% of searches are now by voice and these tend to be longer and more detailed than ones that are typed so this helps to refine the search criteria even further.In any case, you still need to get your SEO right if you want to stand a chance of receiving organic search traffic from Google. Sure you can pay Google to serve up your advert with PPC (pay per click) at the top of the page for your most important keywords, but why not benefit from free search traffic just by getting your website designed and operated correctly.

Ask us how your website can reach number 1.

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How And Why Can Google Penalize Your Website?

Ok so you know Google’s rules and you never break them, you should be ok then, shouldn’t you?

So we have established that Google’s AI determines your website’s page rank based on a number of SEO criteria.

For example, it needs to determine that your page is active to weed out the abandoned ones and push them down the rankings. So you most likely run a blog on your site where you can post new content on a weekly basis, this saves you from changing the main pages on your site every week. The Google algorithm checks for these changes and ranks your website higher if you are regularly adding new and relevant content to your site.

But what happens if the content you post is not relevant to the topic of your website? Or if you put up pages that are full of keywords but are not real content that adds value to the visitors? If you do that it will be spotted by Google’s algorithm and your website will be pushed down the ranks. How far down depends on how bad it regards the offenses to be.

Or even worse the company you previously hired was using ”black hat” SEO techniques and now Google has penalized you for it. Don’t worry. Spartan Agency offers you solutions to your problems.

Not always, because Google changes the rules! Google is constantly ‘improving’ its algorithms to refine the criteria that are required to rank highly. This makes sense because the world is changing and they need to keep up.

For example, as Google started to see more and more searches from mobile devices, and now the vast majority of searches are done from a mobile, it changed its rules to include the requirement that all pages must be viewable on a tiny mobile device. This meant that all websites that wanted to achieve a high rank needed to automatically adapt to mobile or desktop devices, this is called ‘mobile reactive’. But what happened to all of the websites on the internet that are not mobile reactive and that never implemented these changes? Well most likely, although they are still there, you probably never get to see them if you use only Google search to find websites they won’t be shown to you in most cases.

Google Algorithm Updates

These are the recent Google algorithm update names and dates:

2020 – google core update (December 3)

2020 – google core update (May 4)

2020 – google core update (January 13)

2019 – Bert (October 22)

2018 – Medic (August 1)

2016 – Rank Brain (October 26)

2015 – Mobilegeddon (April 21) (you can probably guess what this one was!)

2013 – Hummingbird (September 26)

2012 – Penguin (April 24)

2011 – Panda (August 12)

We won’t go into the changes that were implemented in each of these, that would be beyond the scope of this introduction. But suffice to say each of these has changed the rules that apply to your website and how it will perform in a Google search. If your website lost its search traffic for no apparent reason, there is a good chance that it was due to one of these updates. Fortunately, Spartan Agency can identify which one of these updates was the cause and rectify the problem as part of our Google penalty recovery service.

Manual Penalties And What They're All About.

It is not always automated AI decisions that can activate a penalty on your website. Google submits more than 250,000 manal actions against websites every month, that’s 2 million a year that are manually downranked. This could be for many reasons, some will not even be in a publicly published set of rules. It could even be the type of content that your website contains. But humans get it wrong as well, perhaps more often than we like to admit!

So as part of Sparton Agencies Google penalty recovery services, we can submit a reconsideration request to Google after you have made the necessary changes to the content or technical configuration of your website. But this can only be done if you can identify the reason for the penalty and that it is a manual penalty and not an automatic one. These distinctions are totally different in cause and in the countermeasures that need to be implemented to fix the problem. If you use the wrong one you could cause more problems than you started with.

What To Do When Your Website Receives A Google Penalty?

As we have discussed it is critically important that you hire a professional service provider to implement your Google penalty recovery service. Spartan Agency can offer such a professional evaluation to identify the cause and an action plan to implement the changes. If you get it right it is possible that the problem could be resolved in just a few weeks, although this depends on many factors that will be identified during the investigation into the cause.

Spartan Agency will help to guide you through the process of quickly identifying the problem with our Google penalty recovery services.

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How can Spartan's Google Penalty Recovery Services Help You?

If you have noticed a large drop in traffic or orders on your website then you should request an evaluation by Spartan Agency to identify the problem and implement a recovery plan. It is possible that the cause is not related to Google's algorithm but is simply a design issue in your website. Either way, we can quickly identify the problem and propose and implement a solution.

Choose The Right Partner For Your Google Recovery Plan

Implementing a Google penalty recovery service is not your average website build service, not even your average SEO implementation. Recovering a website from a Google penalty is a highly specialized service that is not readily available to every website developer or development business. It can be the difference between your business succeeding online or failing and therefore it must be undertaken by a specialist Google penalty recovery service provider like Spartan Agency.

When selecting the partner you hire to provide this service you should ensure that they are SEO experts with experience in recovering websites from a Google penalty. If you make the right choice it is possible that you can recover as much as 90% of your traffic in only a matter of weeks. This depends completely on the nature of your penalty and what is required in order to fix it. However, if you select the wrong partner for this task you could find that the recovery takes much longer or even does not work at all. So chose wisely and speak to Spartan Agency first to arrange an evaluation.

How To Get Started With Spartan Agency’s Google Penalty Recovery Services

In summary Spartan Agency’s Google penalty recovery services can


  • Quickly identify the cause of the penalty
  • Identify if it is a manual penalty
  • Or if it is an automated algorithmic penalty
  • If algorithmic identify the update which caused it
  • Implementnt any content changes to your website
  • Implementnt any technical design changes to your website
  • Where necessary submit a reconsideration request
  • Retest and monitor the update changes over time


Order the Spartan Agnecys Google penalty recovery services now or for more information request a callback and one of the team will be in touch to answer any questions you have.


How do I remove a penalty from Google?

Backlink penalties are more common than you might think, and the only way to remove a  backlink penalty is to remove the backlinks that caused the penalty in the first place. This can be done by creating a disavow file of all the toxic links in your backlink profile. You can then submit the file to Google’s Disavow Links Tool to devalue those linking signals so that Google reconsiders removing the penalty flag from your website. If you need any help at any point in the process, choose Spartan Agency Google penalty recovery services and clear your digital reputation.

How long does it take to recover from a Google penalty?

After your fix and submit all of the things, that caused the Google penalty, your website should recover anywhere from 10-30 days for manual penalties. It all depends on how quickly you fix the problem, how well you submit a reconsideration request and if your application gets accepted or not by the Google support team.

What happens when you get a Google penalty?

A Google penalty means that the rankings for your targeted keywords have dramatically dropped or in a worst-case scenario, that your website gets removed from Google’s overall website index. When Google penalizes your website, your target audience can no longer find you in the organic results, which basically means all of your organic traffic is gone. Contact Spartan Agency immediately and let’s get your website sorted out.

How do I check my penalty on Google?

The most accurate way to check if your website was penalized by an automatic or manual penalty is to log in to Google Analytics and review your Google organic traffic. If you see a large drop in traffic during the dates that Google released an algorithmic change, it’s a good chance your website has been flagged and that’s the reason that your traffic decreased significantly.

What causes a Google penalty?

A Google penalty is a penalty against a website whose content conflicts with Google’s policies or because Google considers you have gained an advantage by using forbidden or black hat techniques of getting good organic search rankings. The sudden penalty flags can come as a result of an update to Google’s ranking algorithm, or they can be caused by a manual review. If you need help removing the penalty, contact Spartan Agency right away.