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You need potential customers to find your website when they don’t know your business exists, but how? It’s all about keywords – When people search for the products you sell you need them to find your business, and SEO is how you do it. SEO consulting services comprise a set of techniques used to optimize how Google ranks our website in relation to other websites that Google could show in search results for the products or services that you supply.

So, if, for example, you sell cars, the effectiveness of your SEO will determine if your website appears on page 1 of a search for cars, or on page 200 where no one will see it. Getting this right may sound impossible when there are so many other businesses in the world that will be competing for those few precious places on page 1. but there are ways to achieve it for your business by narrowing the criteria to certain brands, sizes, and styles of car, target market, and geographic location. We will explore this more later in this introduction.

What is SEO Optimization?

It’s all about how Google ‘ranks’ your website, for given search criteria, how, relevant, authoritative, up to date, highly rated, and high performing your website is, and many other factors.

There are 9 key factors that are taken into consideration by Google when ranking a page on your website and the whole website. A full understanding of each of these would require each one to have its own article, but this is designed as an introduction to the terms so you can recognize and understand them as your read more about them or discuss your SEO consulting services with an expert you appoint to handle this for you.

1. Domain level link features - 8.22% – This refers to the quantity and quality of inbound or backlinks to your website from high-quality websites. Think a well-known magazine online writes an article about your business and links back to it, as many of those as possible.

2. Page-level link features - 8.19% - This is the same as 1 but refers to a single page on your website rather than the whole domain. This needs to be considered for every page you want to rank in Google searches.

3. Page-level keyword and content-based features - 7.87% – This considers how well optimized all visible content is on your page. For example, the title, headings, text content, and image relevance.

4. Page-level keyword agnostic features - 6.57% – This includes the length and readability of the content on the page, the way data is structured, is the content unique to any other website, does your website have an SSL certificate, is your page loading fast, and many other factors.

5. Engagement and traffic query data - 6.55% – When people follow links to your website are they finding what they came for and spending time there or are they leaving again immediately.

6. Domain-level brand metrics - 4.88% - Is there a viral buzz on social media about your brand with a high level of traffic to your website.

7. Domain level keyword usage - 4.97% – Does your domain name match your primary keywords and your business name.

8. Domain level keyword agnostic features - 4.09% – This is everything but keywords on your site, some examples are, domain name length, unique content, page errors, post frequency, bounce rate, correct pages, contact information, fast load time, CTR (click-through rates)

9. Page-level social features - 3.98% – This relates to the activity on all the major social media platforms associated with the website, likes favoriting sharing, posting blogs linking back to the website, etc.

You may be surprised when looking through this how some very small details can influence your website’s SEO consulting services, and how some things that a lot of businesses spend all of their time doing have very little effect. What is clear is that a complete plan needs to be put together that takes into consideration all these factors and weights them appropriately. Spartan Agency can put together such a plan as part of its SEO consulting services.

Get Started On SEO

One of the first things to identify before any website content is created is the keywords that are relevant to your business. This is called keyword research and can be done on Google keyword planner and other similar services. But this is included in any SEO consulting services. These words are the ones that people will use to search for your website and so all the content on each page should be designed around including those keywords. If we go back to our car sale example, we clearly stand no chance of ranking highly in the world for ‘car sales’ unless we are the number 1 business in the world doing it.

But if we are clever, we can find combinations of words that are less in demand and more targeted to our unique audience.

One of the most important things to consider as part of your SEO consulting services is that you are regularly creating content and posting it on your blog page, the content needs to be more than just garbage with keywords inserted. It needs to add real value to the reader or Google will know and downrate you. Most importantly it needs to be relevant to your business and your customers. So, although every business website needs a blog, they all must be unique in their content.

Is SEO Consulting Services Similar For All Business Types?

The short answer is ‘no’ but the long answer is that there are factors that are the same for all businesses and other factors that are unique to each business. For example. If you have a brick-and-mortar business like a shop or restaurant where you want the public to find you. You will spend more time building your SEO consulting services around that physical address on Google maps. You will also focus on making ‘near me’ searches as effective as possible and particularly on a mobile device and for voice searches. This is a subset of SEO called local SEO.

Conversely, if you are e-commerce (online shop) then local SEO is irrelevant to you, apart from ensuring you can deliver products to the market that is finding your website. For this kind of business, it will be all about optimizing every product description for SEO so that people searching for a specific product that you have in your store, can find you online. So, a store with a wide range of products may need to do keyword optimization down to the individual product level, and this will make the whole store rank highly. Although it may be necessary to have domain-level optimization as well if, for example, you are in a niche market like ‘organic beauty products you would want the home page to be optimized for keywords relating to the theme and then individual keyword optimization at the product page level.

These are just 2 examples of how different businesses would have a very different approaches to the SEO consulting service that are provided. And it is important to fully understand the different approaches that relate to your business sector and to plan your strategy around those before starting to implement your SEO plan. This is what Spartan Agency knows how to do best, so ask us, what’s the right strategy for your situation.

How Can You Benefit From SEO Consulting Services?

As you should be starting to appreciate, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to effective SEO consulting services. Every business needs to have a bespoke plan put together that works for them and their customers individually. With that considered, there are certainly a set of tightly defined rules that need to be followed as outlined in the list above. Some as you will have seen only need to be implemented as a one-off strategy in your website design and they are done for good, while others need to be part of a long-term plan that you work towards over months or even years of continuously working towards a goal. At Spartan Agency we have the experience and knowledge to put together a comprehensive plan that will address all these factors. We are also able to provide the manpower to keep up the relentless work that is needed to win with your SEO consulting services.

Choose Spartan Agency and Increase Your SEO Knowledge

As you may have realized from the above introduction, there are many factors to consider when planning SEO consulting services. And it should be clear that it would be easy to head off in completely the wrong direction if a proper plan is not put in place first. Also, to put too much time and effort into one aspect and not enough into another. The only way to avoid these kinds of pitfalls is the have a comprehensive plan put in place before you start by experts like Spartan Agency. SEO consulting services such as this will need to spend some time getting to know your business, products, and services and what your customer profile looks like.

Only then can effective keyword research be done, and having completed that the page content can be designed or, if your website already exists, optimized to take into account the keywords and also the technical factors that affect your website’s performance across different devices. There are as you have seen many more things to consider, but the main takeaway here should be the order of planning and implementing an effective strategy is critical. If, as many do, you skip the research and design stage and try to implement an SEO plan, you may at best be wasting your time and at worst you may well end up making your website rank lower for what your customers are searching.


What are SEO consulting services?

SEO consulting services are provided by SEO consultants. Typically, SEO consultants will audit and provide recommendations for improving the ‘’health’’ of your website, your website’s visibility and the improvements of your organic search results. They can usually assist with SEO-specific issues, like building backlinks and other SEO approaches and strategies. If you would like to know about our professional SEO consulting services, contact Spartan Agency today.

What does an SEO consultant do?

SEO consulting services and consultants usually provide a deep analysis of your website, they focus on your SEO organic strategy and provide additional recommendations for organic search strategy approaches. Spartan Agency SEO consultants may also assist with the implementation part as well. Main services provided by SEO consultants include SEO audits, local SEO audits, backlink audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO content blog strategy analysis and SEO reporting.

What are the 3 types of SEO services that the company provides?

The three parts of SEO implementation consist of: 

  • On-page SEO – Focuses on anything that is or was posted on your web page – Content, product copy, web copy. 
  • Off-page SEO – Focuses on anything that doesn’t directly happen on your website, but involves its visibility-  Backlinks from other domains pointing to your domain. 
  • Technical SEO – Focuses on anything technical undertaken to improve Search Rankings – website errors, redirects, site indexing to help bot crawling.

Do I need an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant can help you boost your online traffic and improve the quality of your organic search engine exposure, which will result in a boost in website visitors and online leads. SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy, which can become crucial to your business growth. Contact Spartan Agency today and grow your business.

Is it worth hiring an SEO expert?

SEO consultants create custom SEO strategies to help companies achieve high search rankings. A higher ranking — especially a top 3 — leads to more organic website traffic and helps generate more leads, sales and revenue, especially for keywords that are crucial to your brand or your business. Get in touch with Spartan Agency today and increase your visibility.

Ask for our free evaluation service, this is not the full SEO consultation service, that comes later, but a way to get to know about your business and what you are trying to achieve, and for us to answer any questions you have. We can then put a proposal together for you that is specific to your business.

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