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Digital marketing is a comprehensive range of marketing, lead generation, sales, and brand awareness tools using internet-based services. It has the power to craft a buyer’s journey in a way that can automatically filter vast audiences into highly targeted sales funnels, educating them about your product on the way, resulting in leads that are perfectly aligned with your brand values and warmed up ready to buy… if you do it right!

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It All Starts And Ends With Your Website.

Your website should be the center stage of any digital marketing plan, it will be the destination for most of the traffic you generate from your campaigns. And will be the place where you convert the traffic you drive there into leads or sales. There are a few important things you must get right about your website for any digital marketing consulting service to work properly. This is just a brief overview of what needs to be kept in mind.


On-page SEO

This primarily concerns the page content of your website. You must ensure that all pages on the website take into account the keywords that you want to be ranked highly in by google and other search engines. It is vital that your website contains relevant information that adds value to the reader and that it is updated regularly.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is achieved by ensuring that website publishers are linking back to your website, sometimes called inbound links or backlinks. The higher the perceived authority of the publisher that is linking to your page the better your website will be rated. Often guest blogging is a good way to achieve this or a story about your business in the news.


Technical SEO

This focuses on the backend performance of your website for its users, primarily page load times but it also takes into account readability on different devices and how easy it is to navigate. Page load time can be affected by CSS coding, image compression, structured data, and file optimization. Put simply, if your website provides a lousy user experience Google will ensure it is harder to find.

Which Social Media Channels Should My Business Use?

It is now essential that most businesses have a social media presence but how do you decide which ones to use. Here is a quick guide. Keep in mind this has to be a generalization so there will always be exceptions.


2.9 billion users.

So still the biggest global coverage. Essential for B2C marketing but now so saturated with ads that you are unlikely to succeed here unless you pay for advertising, more on that in a bit. Also suitable for B2B targeting sole traders and microbusinesses.


2.5 billion users.

Mainly B2C advertising. Has the advantage of holding users’ attention for much longer than any other platform due to its long-form video content. It’s now easy for users to avoid sponsored adverts so many companies now rely on influencers weaving their products into the content of their videos.


1 billion users and rising fast.

New kid on the block. It contains short-form video clips (usually less than 30 seconds) and is really only just getting going in the paid advertising space. This means it is good to get into it now. If your audience is mainly teenagers and you are looking for brand awareness it would be a good choice.


1.5 billion users.

Sister-site to Facebook and can be managed from the Facebook business platform. It is ideal for eye candy products and services because it is a very visual platform. Mainly B2C.


830 million users.

Can be used for SMB and corporate B2B marketing and B2C for the employees of those businesses. Heavily frequented by the recruitment sector.


557 million users.

Once again this is a platform for reaching the under-20s market primarily. It is image-based so would be suitable for brand awareness.


436 million users.

This has a very broad demographic of users. It would be suitable for B2B and B2C marketing but in my experience, you won’t have much success without a paid campaign.

Sina Weibo

573 million users.

It is one of the largest social media platforms in China. Its content is micro-blogging like Twitter. Primarily B2C

You should link all your business social media accounts from your website, and back to your website from the home page of your social media accounts. And every time you post a new blog on your website you should share it on all your social accounts with a link back to the blog article on your website.

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Common post


  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer
  • Crowdfire
  • E-clincher

There are many more and each has different plans and will handle a different number of social media accounts.



Keep in mind that for optimal effectiveness you should be looking to post twice a day on most platforms. Be careful to check the recommended and maximum posts on each platform to avoid getting your account restricted or your posts downrated for posting too often, you need to get it just right for each platform.



Also, remember to research and include in every post a list of hashtags that are relevant to your target audience and to that particular post. A user that follows specific hashtags will see your post in their feed even if you are not connected to them, so it is a great way to expand your reach and connections.

Paid Advertising

Although many of these strategies cost no more than your time to implement, no digital marketing strategy would be complete without paid advertising. These days this can take many forms. The most well-known is PPC.

Pay per click (PPC) was first introduced in 1996 by a company called Planet Oasis, not Google as you would expect. Google was rather late to the party, introducing AdWords in 2002. But today Google AdWords is still the go-to tool for many digital marketers and businesses.

Email Marketing

No digital marketing service would be complete without the oldest communications methods on the Internet. Email really should still be the final piece of your marketing strategy that holds the rest together. You can buy mailing lists or collect email addresses on your website and from your social media connections. It offers a powerful tool that keeps you directly connected to your customers and provides details analytics about how they interact with your communications.


What does a digital marketing consultant do?

Digital marketing consulting services include things like creating digital marketing plans, and defining the strategies you need to implement for growth and execution, while considering all the necessary channels to communicate your idea, so they appeal and reach your target audience in an accurate and timely manner. Contact Spartan Agency, to set up a meeting today!

What is a digital service consultant?

Digital consulting includes a wide list of services related to the digital sphere, including SEO optimization, Google Ads, IT consulting, web design, and social media marketing. Although it refers to a multitude of services, digital consulting primarily focuses on efficiently implementing business strategies across digital platforms. If you’re looking for the perfect package, contact Spartan Agency and set up a meeting!

Is digital marketing expensive?

Digital marketing is more effective and affordable than any traditional form of marketing. And just like in any other business, it’s important for business owners to know the costs involved before deciding to use them to drive their business growth and success. Companies are usually spending up to 20% of their revenue on digital marketing. But if you really want to spend your marketing funds more efficiently, booking digital marketing consulting services with Spartan Agency is the way to go.

How much should a small business spend on digital marketing?

Marketing experts are recommending that small businesses spend anywhere from 10-20 % of their gross revenue on marketing. And, according to a study, many businesses tend to follow this rule, while focusing on one maybe one or two digital marketing services at once. If you would like to know more about, which digital marketing services are best suited for your brand, contact Spartan Agency today!